Let humans decide and CastFlow do the hard work

CastFlow automatically manages data flow according to predefined directives. Strategic decisions continue to be under full control and resposibility of the persons who are in charge. The human role isn't debased: it's relieved from repetitive hard work.

CastFlow is easy

It has an unique graphical interface that lets anyone build flows with no effort. Just tell it what to do, how and when. CastFlow will do the remaining for you.

CastFlow expenses

CastFlow costs include the theoretical flow engineering and the automation system setup. The theoretical phase is up to the Customer, in cooperation with one expert of ours if needed. These expenses apply to the first installation only.

CastFlow system is available in various license sizes, according to Customer's needs. Both centralized processing and "Software As A Service" modes are available. CastWare has experts for assisting during system setup. When security is a requirement, the Server can be housed into Customer's building; otherwise it can be hosted by CastWare (where hard privacy is assured too) and remotely accessed (Cloud mode).

Technical assistance contracts are available as well as remote assistance tools

An assistance contract is available for various modes of technical intervention by the CastWare staff, including a special telematic mode, which in many cases allows for remote system analysis (maximizing the promptness).

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