• Have you ever needed to share your data with distant colleagues? 
  • Have you ever had so many periodic deadlines that you feared you would miss one?
  • Have you ever forgotten a deadline and had to rush to make a payment, maybe even finding that you were too late for it?
  • Have you ever discovered that computers can be helpful but that the applications you were using were written in a way you can't use?
  • Do you find that the costs for keeping all your sites up-to-date are too high?
  • Do you want your data protected and private?
  • Do you think that using a computer will necessarily turn into a overwhelming challenge and that it will hinder your work?
  • Do you think that an application designed for Internet will be "too complicated" to be used in your office or on a single/standalone computer?
  • Do you need printed reports or previews which you want to store away?

If any of the above applies to you, then yow need CastBook:

Long distance links are immediately available so that many people can work on the same data at the same time.

The application keeps track of all deadlines and automatically shows the repetitive ones along with their progressive number.

Every deadline can have a "pre-alert" message.

Budgets and previews are available.

While you work you may instantly change the language, so that different users can easily share the data, working in their own language (for example: Italian, English, French and Portuguese users may work at the same time from their countries of origin, each in his own language).

The concept of "keeping up-to-date" isn't necessary any more: all users work on the same data, and updating is immediate on every connection.

The only cost you may have is that of an Internet connection.

Every connection is granted only after inserting a password. This way it is possible to grant or revoke individual privileges and to change them at any time. Only one "special user" can do this. 

The extremely easy usage of this application is its best feature: in its simplest form, you just have to input the last name of a person and the description of the relevant deadlines. Optionally you may expand such information with further data.

Anybody (even the least experienced) can learn to use it at a snap and will find it a very useful, easy and reliable tool.

This is an application designed for data sharing: Internet is only one of the possible working channels. The technology we exploit makes it usable also within an office without an Internet connection as well as on a single/standalone computer.

The required computing power is rather low, so that even old computers can be used efficiently. Its setup is very easy and requires little disk space. Our experience in this field prompted us to build a compact, immediately available tool, because too often we saw big and complex applications becoming an obstacle rather than a helpful tool. 

In order to achieve complete reliability, we have chosen to use the Interbase®/Firebird® data support. They are "engines" widely tested by many years of successful working experience with it: they have been used by big corporations for large database managing, because of their robustness and reliability, even in the matter of security and access control. Some of the basic data (typologies, hierarchies, etc.) are already included but they can be modified at will.

The DEMO version of the application requires that either Interbase® 6 or Firebird 1.5 is installed. Customer data, supplyer data and many other data are also available to the other programs of ours. This is our strategy for the future, granting that all data can be reused with a great time saving.