What is it and what does it do

It's an advanced programming tool that provides all the means for automatic management of administrative tasks through a careful planning. It's a database containing the "directions" of what to do and the definition of one or more workstations that have to execute them. In the simplest case a single computer can host both the database and the execution. 


CastFlow allows to plan the information flow in a reliable, optimized and consistent way. The advanced graphical tools will provide the administrator full control over the applications.

This topic is mostly important to many companies. Private data don't have to be disclosed to unwanted people. CastFlow features an advanced security system and policies that grant access only to authorized personnel, limited to the extent of their authorization. Users can be grouped together and be given different permissions. Workstations can also be grouped. The administrator can then decide what users can connect from what workstations. Any other access attempt will fail.


Easy to use

It's easy to design a Macro. One must know well what to do on a theorethical basis: the process of converting ideas into a full-blown workflow is straightforward. Developing Macros and entire workflows doesn't need any programming skill.

Commands are built-up during processing by reusing the results of previous operations. Complex flows become as easy as chaining results together.

All computers involved in a workflow continuously exchange data using the "Shared Memory". It's an automatic mechanism that lets you share any type of data. Such data can be reused and combined at will in the further processing. 

Example: the surcharge on the sale price of an item can be calculated using the formula "unit price * quantity * percentage / 100". Values are automatically read from the "Shared Memory". Every user can have his own percentage, while the formula remains the same. Reusing and composing data is as easy as a "dag-n-drop" operation.

Full support for long-running transactions.

How does it work?

Real time flow verification

Every process produces a detailed documentation. A graphical tool can immediately point out any wait condition or error in the process. The manager can then promptly react.

The documentation produced by processes will be kept even after their conclusion: il will be an effective source of "historical" information. These printouts are a valuable tool for analyzing the processes and for finding out potential problems.

Printouts and analysis

Extended offices, agencies, travelling staff

Administrative tasks are often divided among various persons and company divisions. CastFlow simplifies the information sharing, minimizing the time loss. The same principle applies to far offices and travelling staff (with a notebook). This feature points out the need for using the application using different idioms at the same time: CastFlow has a Multilanguage function to do this, letting every user choose his/her idiom at a glance.

Who will use it

Administrative offices in companies, being large, medium, small or personal. Solves the slow-downs due to communication issues between company divisions or distant sites.

How can it be useful

A careful analysis of burochratic processes can point out many "time losses" during a normal working day, that heavily affect the company economics. CastFlow helps in detecting and managing of these situations, using automations to get rid of most of the manual processes. Critical decisions willb always up to persons, but many minor ones can turn automatic, to the benefit of productivity and precision. No more transcription mistakes made by tired staff under pressure.

What can be managed

CastFlow features many software tools, suitable for the general administration of most companies. They are 25 at the moment, and new ones are constantly being added, even on request. Data coming from various source can be used for taking the planned decisions (will they be manual or fully automatic, as planned). Many types of automatic actions can also be performed. New modules can be developed by CastWare to satisfy special customer needs.Also electromechanical devices may be added upon request.