Build your own pictures and instantly get estimates. Infinite frames and passepartouts can be included in the estimate, using precise measures, adding glass, backpanels, chassis and plastic covers at will. Now supports both Imperial and Metric units! You can also input other information like notes, additional costs, discount and delivery date. The delivery deadline will be automatically listed along with the other deadlines by CastBook. Automatic reports include an "Estimate report" designed for the curstomer: it can be signed by him for acceptance. This report shows the price, the dates of acceptance and delivery, along with other information concerning the picture and its structure. Another useful report in the"Technical report": in this form all measures and technical data about the entire picture and its materials, are shown ready for the lab to build up the picture.

Program usage is extremely simple, due to its captivating graphics: the picture is progressively "built" under customer's eyes. All prices are based upon the catalogues by the frame supplyers: this way the updates get even simpler and usage even more immediate. Customer data, supplyer data and many other data are also available to the other programs of ours. This is our strategy for the future, granting that all data can be reused with a great time saving 

Money amounts are expressed in Euro and you can change it at will.