This method has the following positive production drawbacks: 

  • Fully automated and trackable company processes
  • Completely fulfilled tehoretical company models
  • Processes are reliable in time (consider "Quality management")
  • Improductive idle times between phases are eliminated.

Applying the A-ERP method

An automation system is required for achieving the goal: the AFC (Automation Flow Controller). CastWare has the first full AFC on the market, capable of integrating A-ERP requirements into any company by leveraging pre-existent and available software, without requiring new purchases. The CastWare official AFC is CastFlow.

AFC as the Company nervous system

Metaphore: a human body needs the central nervous system for coordinating and synchronizing each organ; the periferial nervous system transfers impulses and commands for achieving the harmonious functioning. CastFlow acts the same way within a company: the Central Nervous System is ruled by an engineer who plans tehoretical data flows, based upon company needs. The Peripheral Nervous System (the pure automation system) transports commands to the components. What was formerly manual can be turned this way into an automatic system.

AFC benefits

Unattended data flows Productivity is no more hindered by night-time processing, holidays, strikes. Idle times Idle times between phases are typically caused by inter-department communications: they are simply swept away. No geographical limits: every phase of an automation flow can be hosted on a different computer. No transcription errors: they are typically due to stressed personnel. An AFC just can't because of its automatic data transportation system.